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21 ways to Avoid Rape

Godian Ezechinyere Ogulewe, a security expert with the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps shares  his wealth of experience in the line of duty as it concerns rape. He pointed out 21 ways sexual abuse

can be avoided.

  1.Do not trek through lonely paths. If you must, be in company of others (Avoid short cuts).
  2.  Be careful with the pictures and text messages you send online; social media like 2go, Facebook, etc. You might be attracting a negative attention.
3.   Do not wear skimpy dresses or sexy cloths; you are begging for rape.
4.   Do not visit unfamiliar male peers or friends at their residents or brothels.
5.   Do not be boastful of your virginity. This will surely attract rapists.
6.   Do not give out your female children as house helps to people with questionable behavior or past history of child abuse and rape.
7.   Do not collect item from a man you know you are not accepting his advances. He might rape you to pay himself back or to get at you.
8.   When accepting a free ride, do not allow him to take lonely route or unfamiliar route to your destination. Avoid a stopover for a bottle of drink or to see a nearby friend.
9.   Do not accept any edible item like sweet, chewing gum, fruit, drink, biscuit or snacks, while in his vehicle. It might be used to drug you.
10.Be careful when accepting a free ride with more than one male occupant or the driver stops to pick another unfamiliar person.
11.Do not mingle or make friends with drug addict/s.
12.As a woman who wants to avoid being raped, stay away from hard drugs and alcohol.
13.Avoid smokers den.
14.Stop walking home late at nights and avoid night outings; even your close friend can rape you without you recognizing him once it is dark.
15.Do not keep a date at a man’s house or his male friend’s house, rather public places like restaurants, parks, etc. to avoid being alone with him.
16.Do not keep more than one male partner; it will surely breed jealousy and intent to rape if they get to know you are double dating.
17.Do not live alone in an isolated area or area dominated by young men especially school hostels or staff quarters. It is better to live among families or compounds where movement of people is restricted.
18.When visiting a male friend, do so on time accompanied by those you trust and leave while there is time. Avoid late evening visit or visit during working hours when people living around must have gone to work.
19.Always carry with you defensive items like pepper spray. It can buy you some time to escape in dangerous situations.
20.Shun provocative dresses while meeting persons in their privacy (office, hotel or at home).

           21.Avoid sex hawking. Every Commercial Sex Worker is raped                   at least three times a year. 

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