Corn Fuel explosion HEALTH AND SAFETY Safety Precautions Suya

Did you know this could happen?

This time of the year is the rainy season, characterized by wet and cold environment. It is normal within this period for people to engage in activities that would warm them up. An example of such activity is eating of warm and

spicy meals/snacks like pepper soup, roasted meat (Suya), roasted or cooked corn. Hummm! Somebody is salivating! Probably you would want to step out now to have some. Before you do that, remember to:
·        Buy your corn or suya before going to buy fuel for your power generating set. If you buy fuel before going to corn or suya spot, you may hear; Boom!!! That would be the sound of fuel explosion, because you brought it close to the fire in use for the corn or suya. Certainly, those around together with yourself will forget about the delicacy for ever or for the time being if you are lucky.
·        When fueling your power generating set, do not use the flash light on your phone because any incoming call can spell doom for you (fuel explosion). Use the flash light that is not attached to any other device.
·        The use of kerosene stove is common in this part of the world. Make sure that every member of your family who have access to kerosene and fuel, can distinguish between the Kegs for the two. Ensure that they are kept away from the children because any mistake can lead to disaster. 
Have you lost your appetite for corn and suya? I guess not! So, go grab some, but observe the safety precautions.

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