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Something you must know about “Hide & Seek”

Most people played this game when they were very young and I can tell you that it is always fun to play the game. Many did not encounter any danger in the course of this game, but for a few; it

ended with misfortune. For the benefit of those who do not know about this game; this is how it goes. A seeker is nominated, and made to cover his/her eyes while other participants go hiding. After a period of time determined by counting from 1 to any agreed number. The seeker would open his/her eyes and go looking for others. The first to be found becomes the next seeker while the last to be found becomes the winner of the game; and so it is repeated, on and on. It’s fun! Right?

It could also be disastrous as some children had fallen inside the water wells and septic tanks; beaten by snakes and scorpions; locked up in the wall drops, in the abandoned vehicles around the compound, and even in the booth of a car, because they were looking for the perfect place to hide. Most of the children involved in this type of accident died because an adult was not part of the game. In most cases the children would wait for their parents to come back in the evening before reporting that they could not find the missing person. A times parents may search for many hours or days before discovering the lifeless body of their child.

It has also been noted that this game had given a unique opportunity for some sexually active adolescents to abuse other children as they take their prey to an undetectable corner to achieve their aim. Therefore, Parents should watch it when the favorite game of your children, wards, and neighbors is “Hide & Seek”. Parents or a dedicated adult should play this game with children and play a supervisory role to ensure that the children are not endangered. Moreover, playing with your children helps in their physical and psychological growth. Play Safe!

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