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Buchi Adimorah launches a care blog to rekindle hope for people with multiple health challenges

This is a platform for rendering prompt and efficient health care services to individuals with psycho-social needs. In the world of today, there are unfolding challenges that were not prevalent ten years ago, but are unfortunate realities today. The most worrisome part is that these challenges are multiple in nature. Could it be that these challenges are constantly racing to overtake the multiple achievements of today? Could it be that this era of speed overtaking by time known as the jet age is the agent of these multiple challenges? Have you noticed that the number of bad news you hear in a day outweighs the number of good news? Yet these bad news are people’s personal experiences.



I have been working as a Medical Social Worker/ Counselor in a health facility for over ten years, helping my clients through difficult situations to achieve meaningful and happy life ever after.  On this  platform, I am bringing my expertise to provide daily health tips to improve life expectancy by ensuring that difficulties are turned to opportunities, challenges turned to break through, bad news turned to good news, pains turned to joy, failures turned to successes and disappointments turned to achievements. I strive to facilitate the WHO definition of health which is “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. People with or without chronic illnesses like Diabetes, Hypertension, HIV, Cancer etc. face many psycho-social challenges. These issues are handled with the level of confidentiality the individual desires. Share your experiences or learn from others and have your life rekindled.

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    1. We are committed to improving your Physical, Mental and Social Well-being. Find time to subscribe below. Thank you.

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