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When Your Child Is Thirsty

For many reasons, children get thirsty more frequently than adults. One of such reasons is the hyper active nature of most children of which they spend a greater part on their day in physical exercises. Dr Emeka Nwolisa, a Consultant Paediatrician shares with

us, how this simple desire to quench thirst, could have a devastating consequence if safety precautions are not taken. 

Increasing numbers of young children are drinking kerosene resulting in serious complications involving the respiratory system. Most cases are due to parental or caregiver carelessness. In over 90% percent of cases, it occurs because the kerosene is stored in containers similar to that in which water is stored.

When it happens people traditionally force the child to vomit, give milk, give palm oil made from a unique palm called “akwu ojukwu” and the very religious will give a combo of anointing oil and holy water. Kerosene poisoning is a medical emergency and there are no do it yourself procedures. Never induce or make the child vomit because by so doing, the kerosene in the stomach can get into the lungs and cause complications.

Never keep kerosene within the reach of a child nor store it in a container similar to the one you store water in. The thirsty child will only realize it is not water only after taking at least a gulp. Do the needful please!

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