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You Created the Problem For Your Child

It is a popular belief that no sane parent would deliberately create problem for his/her child, but that does not negate the fact that some parents unknowingly create some serious

health challenges for their children. Dr Emeka Nwolisa, a Consultant Paediatrician shares with us, a scenario that explains how some parents create problem for their children.

Your child has Malaria and truly the laboratory test confirmed it. He was given an Artenisinin based combination (ACT) and truly you administered it as prescribed, but then he did not get well or got well and had fever again after a few days. Before you go doubting the competence of the doctor or classifying the drug as fake. …just wait a minute. Did you give your child vitamin C syrup or any Multivitamin preparation containing Vitamin C while he was taking the ACT? Did your child take his usual and “compulsory” packs of juices while taking the ACT? If yes, you created the problem! Vitamin C and any ACT should not be taken concurrently. Vitamin C reduces the efficacy and treatment failure may result. Learning point… For the number of days the child is taking the ACT, do well to keep juices and your wonderful Multivitamin preparations away!

4 thoughts on “You Created the Problem For Your Child

  1. Hello, are you hereby implying that Multivitamins are not well tag to go with malaria drugs when giving to children?

    If yes; what could that result if ignorantly given both drugs to the child?

  2. Thank you Chidi, It is good to note that this is applicable to both children and adults. The emphasis on a child in the post is because of the case scenario presented by the Consultant Paediatrician. Secondly, vitamin C syrup / tablet or any multivitamin preparation containing vitamin C reduces the efficacy of the anti-malaria drugs when taken concurrently. This will result to patient's inability to get well or the patient would get well, only to fall sick a few days after. It is obvious that people do this ignorantly and the essence of this enlightenment is to correct that.

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