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21 ways to Avoid Rape

Godian Ezechinyere Ogulewe, a security expert with the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps shares  his wealth of experience in the line of duty as it concerns rape. He pointed out 21 ways sexual abuse can be avoided.   1.Do not trek through lonely paths. If you must, be in company of others (Avoid short […]


Did you know this could happen?

This time of the year is the rainy season, characterized by wet and cold environment. It is normal within this period for people to engage in activities that would warm them up. An example of such activity is eating of warm and spicy meals/snacks like pepper soup, roasted meat (Suya), roasted or cooked corn. Hummm! […]


Save your life

In the line of duty over the years, I have seen total strangers claim to be living together as a family. Spouses keeping secrets from each other, children keeping secrets from their parents and siblings doing the same among themselves. In reality they are housemates and not a family. However, they really do not enjoy […]


Life they say begins @ 40, but…

If you are not yet married at 35 years old, you should consider yourself late because you have started ageing. Most of the blood cells are produced in the bone marrow and at about 35 years of age the bone attends its climax in development and thereafter starts weakening and shrinking gradually. For those that […]