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Life they say begins @ 40, but…

If you are not yet married at 35 years old, you should consider yourself late because you have started ageing. Most of the blood cells are produced in the bone marrow and at about 35 years of age the bone attends its climax in
development and thereafter starts weakening and shrinking gradually.
For those that are not yet married at this age, they unknowingly become too selective in choosing a spouse. In most cases, their experiences of the past becloud their judgment about ladies. This often results to the search of a perfect lady because the individual always have reasons to refuse somebody.
It becomes more complicated when these men are already made financially as they find it difficult to identify the love of their life because they often believe that ladies would want to marry them because of their wealth.
On the other hand, their world views, values, patterns, attitudes and habits are fully developed as a result of which integration with younger ladies becomes a huge task.
Often times, men that are close to 40 years of age look for ladies that are not up to 30 years of age for a spouse. The reason is simple; they are afraid of any delay in child bearing that could linger up to menopausal period of the woman. However, the search of these men become even more difficult as most of early and mid twenties ladies are still interested in younger men of late twenties and early thirties. At this point, it would be a scenario of a man who wants to marry within six months while the lady is demanding for a minimum period of two years to finish her adventures and explore her options. Certainly, the two individuals cannot go together.
In most cases when these men marry late, they are usually faced with the challenge of sex drive between them and their younger partners as they may not be satisfying their partner sexually. So it is ideal for the age gap between partners to fall within five years so they can both operate at the same pace.

Late marriage can give rise to desperation when there is delay in child bearing. This can lead to involvement in harmful practices as well as trying to have children outside wed lock. 

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