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You are the victim if you do not take note of these

There are many stories about the merits and demerits of “House helps”. The merits are obvious and immediate because, your House help could be excellent in delivering domestic services, as well as watching over the children when you are not at home. While the demerits may neither be obvious nor immediate; but you could be dancing on a painted sepulcher.

Let me tell you a few powers of your House help you may not have taken note of.
Ø  Your House help is not a nucleus member of your family but he/she participates in most of the activities in the family. He/she knows most secrets of your family as he/she quietly listens to most discussions in the family in the course of rendering his/her services. You can only imagine your fate if he/she is on the same side with your enemy. So ensure that he/she upholds your confidentiality within the Law and win his/her loyalty by letting him/her have a say within the limits of his/her position.
Ø  He/she has access to every nook and cranny of your house. The safety of your valuables and what goes into your mouth are at his/her mercy. So, do thorough security background checks on him/her, monitor him/her very closely and put him/her to test.
Ø  When you use your House help as a spy or a close confidant against any member of your family, you will destroy your family. Thus, do not involve him/her in matters beyond the limits of his/ her position.
Ø  He/she could be a criminal in disguise, waiting for an opportunity to assassinate or kidnap you, your spouse, your children, your parents or your siblings. So, do regular security background checks on him/her, monitor him/her very closely and put him/her to test.

Ø  Anytime he/she cannot reach his/her partner outside your house, your children are most likely to be coveted to fill that gap. Even your spouse could also be vulnerable. So, be very vigilant and ensure that

your children are open and accessible to you. Give them sex education and do not hesitate to take legitimate action to protect your own if you suspect or observe any form or degree of sexual abuse. To be continued… Watch out for episode 2.  

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