Flood HEALTH AND SAFETY Natural disaster

The disaster of the moment!

Most parts of the world at one point or the other witness different forms of disaster. They can occur as a natural phenomenon. They can also occur due to the activities of man, or as a result of the combination of the two. Some of the natural disasters are often expected and seasonal too.

The common disaster within this rainy season is “flood”. It is often caused by:
·        Increased of the water levels at the dams, rivers and seas.
·        Increased of rain fall.
·        Strong wind, hurricane, tsunamis and snow melts.
·        Poor drainage system.
·        Poor waste management.
·        Poor road and bridge construction.
· Poor Environmental Impact Assessment before construction.

Flood can cause loss of life, damage properties like houses, cars, businesses and farms.
What to do?
·Do environmental assessment of where you live or are about to live.
·Locate houses, cars, farms, and other properties/businesses away from the water ways.
·Always follow weather reports and move to a higher ground.
·Ensure that the water channels around you are clean.
·Avoid dumping of refuse on water channels.
·Do not play a hero by jumping into the flood to save someone; rather throw in long objects for the person to anchor.
·Ensure that the electric power of flooded area is shut down to avoid electrocution.

· Call rescue professionals

Post picture from : Nentawe Yilwatda Goshwe

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