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Early Morning jogging is wonderful; but have you considered the possible dangers?

It is a healthy activity to exercise your body. Records have shown that if you do regular physical exercises, you would gain numerous health benefits like proper weight control, healthy heart, bones and muscles. You would have a better chance of not developing type 2 diabetes and some cancers. More still, you would

be fit to carry out your daily activities and enjoy good mental health. In all, you would be compensated with longer life expectancy.

It may have been your desire to enjoy the aforementioned benefits, as well as being willing to do all within your power, reach and means to enjoy them. More so, one of the activities you may have been engaged in to achieve these benefits may be known as early morning jogging. You may have considered it as a better way to start the day considering its benefits; but have you considered the possible dangers?

There have been some instances of sudden deaths by individuals while they were doing their early morning jogging. It could be that they had cardiovascular diseases like High Blood Pressure that they were not aware of, or not managed properly. So before you start your dream physical exercise, see your Doctor to check your health status so that you can choose the exercise suitable for you.

Early morning jogging could expose you to physical attack, robbery or rape. So, do not use a lonely route, jog in the company of trusted persons and do not jog with your material valuables on you. More still, be ready to let go of any material valuables in the face of armed robbery to save your life.

If you are attacked, robbed, or raped; remember to seek emergency medical attention, while the police would continue with the investigation.

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