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Above all Odds

My name is Windy. I am twenty three years old, I am a virgin and I want to share my true life story. When I was a pupil in primary school, I was always falling ill; I was always at the school clinic, and my grades dropped, because I was always missing

After primary school I got into a boarding school for secondary education. In my Junior Secondary School 1, I was fine, never fell ill except for the “normal” running nose, I call it normal because it has always been like that since primary school, my nose was never dry. It was in my Junior Secondary School 3 that I started falling sick again, after my Junior Secondary Certificate Examination, I went back home. That was when a lump started growing by the side of my neck, nobody knew what it was, I was taken to different hospitals, and I took so many drugs and injections, but none could take care of the lump. Finally, I was directed to a tertiary government hospital , to see an ear, nose and throat doctor. When we got to the doctor’s, he examined the lump, after which he sent me out of the office so he could talk with my dad alone, I went outside to wait for my dad. After a few minutes my dad came out and we went to the laboratory section of the hospital. My blood sample was taken for a test and an x-ray was carried out too, before we left the hospital.

We went back the next day, and the test results were given to my dad, I noticed the change in his mood when he came out from that lab, but I did not know what it was all about. He said nothing to me. We were directed to a building, where we sat and received a lecture which I never paid attention to, I was sleeping with my head on my dad’s laps when the lecture was going on. Next thing, dad woke me up, it was our turn to go see the doctor, after  series of questions which my dad answered, some drugs were given to me. When we got home that night,to be continued. watch out for episode 2

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