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You Are Simply Discomforting Your New Born

Most parents (human and animal alike) have the parental instincts to care and protect their young ones, even at all cost.  They are often worried when they observe any situation they do not understand about their children. Ironically, some parents expose their children to all forms 

of danger, all in the name of doing the best for their children.  

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One of the things that make some parents to worry about their children is called the Anterior fontanelle. It is the Diamond shaped depression on the head of the newborn. This diamond shaped membrane-filled space is located between the two frontal and two parietal bones of the developing fetal skull. Surprisingly, some parents believe that the child ‘breaths from there’ and ‘air will enter’ the child’s brain from there. Such parents cover the area all day with a cap, herbal preparation or traditional paste /concoction.

These beliefs and practices are wrong. They are simply discomforting the new born who bears the load patiently. Anterior fontanelle is normal and will ‘close’ at the appropriate time which is between the ages of 9-18months.
Sources: Dr Nwolisa Emeka, Consultant Pediatrician


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