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What to Do In The Face Of Robbery Or Kidnap.

At the back of the mind of every criminal is the fear of being caught, dead or alive. Ironically, their conviction too is that their destinies are in their hands and that is why they leave no stone unturned to ensure that they succeed in all their operations. They strive to think, look and act ahead of their victims. That is why they are always ready to remove obstacles, including lives just to be on top of their game.

Godian Ezechinyere Ogulewe, a security expert with the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps shares his wealth of experience in the line of duty as it concerns robbery and kidnap.
A. Your life is more important than any material possession that you might be disposed of. Do not play the hero.
B. Criminals are mostly drug addict, be calm and obey their instructions because the treatment you receive depends more on your manner and attitude; they might be acting under the influence of drugs and alcohol and might pull the trigger at the least provocation.
C.  Do not give them any information they are not asking for.
D. Avoid eye contact with criminals; this might make them assume you want to identify or recognize them.
E.  Avoid making sudden body movement like trying to open the vehicle door, putting your hand inside your pocket, unfastening your seat-belt, picking your objects. If you must do anything, take permission from them.
F.   Do not say anything that might provoke them especially trying to tell them that they will be caught or that they will go to hell for keeping you hostage.
G. Get them to explain their reason for kidnapping and holding you. They may calm down when given a chance to explain themselves. This might earn you better treatment.
H. Observe the surrounding where you are held. Listen carefully, you might identify the location you are being held by the noise within the environment, like noise of vehicles may indicate that you are being held close to a main road, noise of machinery may indicate you are being held close to a factory, noise of people may indicate you are being held close to a business area. You might even hear familiar voices among them, while noise of birds and flowing waters may indicate that you are being held close to a stream or river and inside the bush. The tone of their phone calls might even reveal those behind or involve in your being kidnapped. How calm you are might even make them forget that you are there and discuss with their original names or attract their pity.
I.   A small thing you observe there might be of great assistance in the follow up investigation.
J. Observe their clothing, height, voice, behavior, vehicle plate numbers, exit points and names they address themselves by.
K. Remember, your observation of environment might prove that your escape is possible, but do not try so at the cost of your life only if they are ritual killers.
       L. Lay flat on the ground or hide behind any object in case if sudden rescue operation invades in the place to avoid being hit by a stray bullet.

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