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What Happened At Mbano Will Blow Your Mind

The Mbano National Assembly (MNA) USA Inc in collaboration with International College of Surgeons (Nigerian National Section) and Nigerian Medical Association (NMA), organized 2017 MNA Medical Mission. It was a one week free health care program which spanned from 3rd to 8th April 2017 at Mbano Joint
Hospital Isiala Mbano. The program was made possible by the philanthropic spirit and think-home initiative of the organizers.
Mbano National Assembly has the mission to serve those who suffer and are in need of basic medical care. To serve our people who hunger and thirst and are in need of water and food. To serve and educate our people, who are in need of basic health promotion and maintenance education. Since 2002(15 years now), the program has been an annual event aimed at actualizing their mission.
On the area of health care, the program provided:
Free consultations
Free HIV counseling and testing
Free eye glasses
Free surgeries
Free drugs
Free admission services
The beneficiaries of the health care program were mostly indigent patients drawn from Imo State and beyond. It is also very touching to note that some of these indigent patients wait for years to benefit from such programs. A vivid example among many similar cases is the case of a woman who finally had a fibroid surgery after seven years of waiting due to inability to fund the surgery. The fibroid weighted 57kg and it was moved to histology lab for further examination courtesy of the program while the woman is recuperating in the hospital. 
About 4700 patients were seen and 128 surgeries were carried out in this year’s program by Health Care Providers from within and outside the country. Imo state and beyond felt the impact of this program as the services promise to get better each year. In fact, the Mbano National Assembly (MNA) USA Inc has commenced the construction of an Ultra Modern Surgical Centre at Mbano, so as to accelerate good health for all.

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  1. This is mind blowing and fair activities that ought to be carried out in Nigeria at large. More grace to the organizers

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