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Unique Opportunities at Smart Choices Owerri. #SmartChoices2018Prime

Smart Choices Conference took place in Owerri Imo State, South- East Nigeria, on 2nd June 2018. It was an empowerment conference/training aimed at providing individuals with the skills and opportunities they need to lead a happy and productive life. The event was a huge success and the participants are ready to take over the city and beyond.

This conference series have been designed to accommodate both the employed and unemployed. It will also take place periodically throughout the major cities in the country on the fields listed below;
Knitting, Health care packages, Food processing, Solar energy technology/marketing, Embroidery/Monogramming, Social media management, E-commerce, Soft ware development/ servicing, Hard ware servicing, Makeup art, Tailoring, Land-scarping, Screeding /POP/Painting, Paint manufacturing, Roofing, 3D flooring, Tiling, Plumbing, Window assembling, Metal fabricating, and vast range of Agricultural trainings.

If you missed the last episode, do not worry because another episode is coming up soon. So, make a reservation to participate in the next batch. 
WhatsApp or SMS 08124279825, 
visit: www.buchiadimorah.com

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