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This is an experience You do not want to have

I considered him the perfect guy for me while I considered myself lucky to have met him. He was always there for me in many ways I desired. We really cared for each other so well that I felt on top of the world. We would travel miles to see each other and spend some time together. My name is Cindy and I am sharing my true life story with you.

I often expected his calls or messages each day because they would definitely come and that made me feel like a princess waiting to be crowned his Queen when we get married. We also had our misunderstanding but we also found ways to make amends. I had the notion that most men could cheat; yet I believed he was the right guy for me and I would deal with it.
In the midst of the over whelming feelings for each other, I took in. I welcomed the news with mixed feelings but Drek welcomed it with great joy. He requested for a date to meet my parents so as to start the marriage rites and I was okay with that. However, I decided to go check my Blood group, Genotype and HIV in the city I reside while he went for his where he was.
After the Laboratory investigations, I was said to be positive to HIV! I went home in anger and tears. I called Drek and told him the outcome. He tried to calm me down but I was already out of control because I was a virgin before I met him. So, he got me pregnant and infected me with HIV! He tried to come and take me to another hospital to cross check as he claimed that he was Negative but I was furious, so I threatened to harm him if I see him. Before long, I developed hatred for him and for myself. I consequently became depressed as I refused to talk to anybody. I made up my mind to quit the relationship, so I aborted the baby. I wished to die in the process just to put an end to my disgrace.
Weeks rolled by in solitude, death did not come, the pregnancy and fiancé were no longer there; it was then that I realized how lonely I was. It was at this point that I chose to open up to a friend of mine who is a health care provider. I was given an appointment to meet a counselor and after sessions on counseling I started to see things differently and positively too. Yet, I vowed to put Drek behind me. I was encouraged to repeat the HIV test before I would commence treatment which I did but the unexpected happened. I tested Negative!
I repeated the test at different hospitals and the results came out Negative. I did not bother to go back to the hospital that tested me positive because I knew I would create the worst scene ever. I took time to weigh my options and I realized that despite the wrong Laboratory results, I also contributed to what happened. If only I was a bit patient with the whole situation; perhaps, I would not have made the wrong decisions. Drek got married to another lady since I detested him and I no longer bear any grudge against him.  I have learnt from the situation; so, I am not going to fight anybody even myself. I have made great progress on my psychological rebuilding and I will not engage in any fight that is linked to that ugly past. I am moving ahead and I am doing great!
I chose to share this on Buchi’s Care Blog so as to let people learn from my experience; avoid hasty conclusion and do not act in anger but  give a benefit of the doubt to situations before taking a decision.

5 thoughts on “This is an experience You do not want to have

  1. That's really a nice thinking experience……!
    Reason,,,,,Always apply your number six very well and slow motion what you feel in some facts about marriage/life.
    It was said in proverb that ; "A patient dog eats the fattest bone".
    Thank you very much…..!

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