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Somebody’s achievement could bring his end

These two young men met their untimely death yesterday. They were involved in road traffic accident at Ogwa, Mbaitoli L.G.A. Imo State. The one on the left just

bought a brand new motor cycle and called his friend, the one on the right to join him for a ride. On their way, the rider lost control due to over speeding and had a head on collision with a truck parked by the road side.
They were conveyed to Federal Medical Centre Owerri by a Good Samaritan. But the rider had already died at the spot of the accident while the passenger died as soon as he entered the hospital. What a loss of promising young men! May they Rest In Peace.

Everyone is encouraged to be in control of his/her emotions in all circumstances; be it success or failure, achievement or disappointment. These young men died because they were celebrating an achievement. Caution at all time is very necessary. Obey road traffic regulations!

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