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PERIOD POVERTY alleviation in Adolescents, Awareness and Campaign

Period poverty is often described as a lack of access to menstrual education and sanitary products.  Over 800 million women and girls menstruate daily. Thus, this is a subject matter that affects almost half the global population.

In 2017 statistics, about 94.2millions Nigerians are women. In this bracket, over 32 million falls within the 12-20years age bracket. However, limited access to sanitary products, unsafe hygienic spaces in which to use them, and the inadequate approach to manage menstruation without shame or stigma, are some essential factors inhibiting “girl child” under this age web.
To these factors and lots more, GREATMINDS locates an operational anchor. The essence of our action can never be under estimated.
  • Reaching out to these teaming “girl child” we believe is feasible and achievable.
  • We plan to network primary cum secondary schools, religious and social platforms, social media and market centres are our working modules.
  • Promoting menstrual equity is the key to supporting these “girl child”. 
  • Cushioning the side effects and dangers affecting these “girl child” stands to be one of the major societal defects we set out to correct.
  • Period poverty granted isn’t a week’s, month’s or even a year’s fight. It is a process that improve the right access and knowledge to these ‘’girl child’’.
  • Million of our girls miss out on critical activities, inaccessibility of right education, some have the susceptibility to trade sex for pads and tampons as last options.                                                                                      

This awareness Campaign undertaken by GREATMINDS CONCEPT to help alleviate PERIOD POVERTY will take off from our dear state, Anambra, beyond and shall be definitely be felt within the embers of humanity.
 We promote
#Periodpositivity by giving out free sanitary products
#Educating the “girl child” on  management.           
#Help A Girl Child Cover The Stain.                      
Join us                                                            
For more information Call/Watsapp @ Tonia 08060305144

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