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In the Midst of Merry Making

During the festive period, a lot of things happen. For many, the whole days within the period are fully booked for one merry making or the other. The joy is usually overwhelming because it serves as a period of reunion for family,

friends and acquaintances. Yet, it is also the period the rivals, foes and criminals grace the same events just like anyone else. 
In the midst of merry making, it is good to remember that; People travel from one place to the other to be part of different ceremonial events. By so doing, the number of road users increases. Each, running to catch up with one ceremonial event or the other. So, the obedience to traffic regulations is very essential to reduce the risk of road traffic accidents and death.
In the midst of merry making, it is important to watch what you put in your mouth. The festive period is usually for many celebrations and that accounts for many free food and drink. Self control is the way out of the dangers therein because over feeding and drunkenness can lead to various degrees of embarrassment, physical injury and death. Moreover, you should remember that Health Workers that work during the festive period are human beings and could also be in the festive mood. You will agree with me that mood contributes a lot to the quality of services any one could render.
In the midst of merry making, it is unnecessary to strive to attend all events you are invited to. Prioritize the events to attend and skip the less important events so as to reduce the risk of stress, road traffic accident, robbery, kidnap, food/drink poisoning and death. Rather, spend more time with your family/loved ones, and enjoy the season with them.

In the midst of merry making, do not forget that this is not the last celebration. Next year is around the corner with more rigorous activities and fabulous events. So save some energy and cash.

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