I put myself behind bars

Hi, my name is Double; a young man who is married and blessed with two lovely children.  I am a business man who have toured all the continents of the world.  I so believed that any man who is stuck to his wife alone is lean-livered; but I was absolutely wrong!  Just as the saying goes; everyday is for the

thief but just one day is for the owner of the house.

In my usual frolicking style with ladies (bed–warmers) I passed the night with two ladies in one of my usual hotels on my business trip. Drenched in alcohol I went into the usual unholy affairs and I slept off after enjoying myself!  The following morning greeted me with the shock of my life when I realized that I slept with the ladies unprotected.
I was totally gripped by fears, I suggested to them that we go for HIV Screening, but that fell on deaf ears.  I threatened further but my words fell on brick walls, rather, they promised to create a scene if I pushed further, so I paid them off.  Like the prodigal son, I started remembering all the teachings I have heard on good morals. I found my feet and left for the hospital.  There, I was referred to the unit that sees to such cases. In fact, in my state of regret, I made a thorough confession of my escapades. 
The health providers sent me for a HIV- Test and other screenings for thorough treatment.  The results came out and I was screened ‘negative’. Subsequently, some medication were administered and I followed them religiously but all through I shook like a leaf, as it was obvious to me that I am lean–livered. While my treatment / medication lasted, I avoided my wife giving all manner of excuses and flimsy tales. But, down within me I knew that “I put myself behind bars” and that was the worst experience in my life.

I learnt my lesson, yes! I did. My treatment concluded with another HIV test which came out negative. I needed no soothsayer to tell me to draw the curtain to wayward / immoral life styles. So believe me when I say, that the real man is the man who sticks to his wife alone. Guys, it takes a deep sense of maturity and self control to stick to your partner; that is the stuff a real man is made of! 
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