It has been a wonderful first year!

Twelve months ago, I launched Buchi’s Care Blog (, with a view to rendering prompt and efficient services to individuals with psycho-social needs. From the onset, I knew that I would go through thick and thin; but I also knew that the satisfaction that comes from putting smiles on people’s faces is unquantifiable. So far, […]


If I knew how to let go

I have always been a happy and carefree person who rarely gets angry. I forgive easily because I always give the benefit of doubt to people’s attitude. More often, I offer my shoulder for others to lean on in difficult times. I practically consider others first and I think that I was unconsciously feeling like […]

Blood Contact

One Big Toothbrush

My name is Camila, I took my four years old daughter to the hospital on account of fever, weakness and vomiting. She was admitted and her blood sample was collected for some laboratory investigations. After a while, I was called in by one of the care providers to discuss the outcome of the results. The discussion […]