You Created the Problem For Your Child

It is a popular belief that no sane parent would deliberately create problem for his/her child, but that does not negate the fact that some parents unknowingly create some serious health challenges for their children. Dr Emeka Nwolisa, a Consultant Paediatrician shares with us, a scenario that explains how some parents create problem for their […]


Save your life

In the line of duty over the years, I have seen total strangers claim to be living together as a family. Spouses keeping secrets from each other, children keeping secrets from their parents and siblings doing the same among themselves. In reality they are housemates and not a family. However, they really do not enjoy […]


Buchi Adimorah launches a care blog to rekindle hope for people with multiple health challenges

This is a platform for rendering prompt and efficient health care services to individuals with psycho-social needs. In the world of today, there are unfolding challenges that were not prevalent ten years ago, but are unfortunate realities today. The most worrisome part is that these challenges are multiple in nature. Could it be that these […]