Glaucoma; The Silent Thief of Sight

The 12th day of March is internationally recognized as World Glaucoma Day. It is a day set aside to raise awareness and screen people for Glaucoma. In most countries of the world, this annual event is usually carried out as a one week event to ensure wider participation of people. What is Glaucoma? Glaucoma has […]


World Diabetes Day

14 November was adopted by United Nations General Assembly as World Diabetes Day, with a view to recognizing the urgent need to pursue multilateral efforts aimed at promoting and improving human health, and provide access to treatment and health-care education. Member States are by this means encouraged to develop national policies for the prevention, treatment […]


It happened again in Lagos

Those in the city of Lagos will not forget the remarkable program that lasted from the 1st to 10th May 2017. They consider themselves blessed because it happened again in Lagos; despite the fact that it took place in Lagos and Ijebu-Ode last year. This program was meticulously put together by Sunrise Foundation, Ireland and […]